The 2016-17 Stream Ecosystem Ecology Lab (SEEL) Team.

In the Stream Ecosystem Ecology Lab at Drake University, we study the physical, chemical, and biological processes in freshwater ecosystems and the interactions between these ecosystems and their surrounding landscape.

The 2017 Summer field season is wrapping up as the Fall semester is set to begin. We have been busy throughout Central Iowa, sampling babbling brooks to rapid rivers. We are currently seeking volunteers to assist us in a large spatial sampling effort throughout the lower Raccoon River basin. Please contact Peter (peter.levi@drake.edu) if you’re interested. Also, please visit the NEWS page of our website for the latest word on our activity in and around Iowa!

Dr. Peter Levi, the director of the lab, is an assistant professor in the Department of Environmental Science & Sustainability. If you have questions or comments, please contact Dr. Levi via email (peter.levi@drake.edu).

Our website highlights the students and topics we are investigating in our research, including recent news, a Student Blog, and a photo album. We encourage you to explore the various pages. If you are a current or prospective Drake student, we are always looking for students to join the lab. Let us know if you’re interested!